Your ROGUEDZN jewelry was manufactured to the highest quality standards and left the manufacturing workshop in flawless condition after a series of stringent inspections. This international warranty covers manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, ROGUEDZN will correct any established material or manufacturing defect, to the exclusion of any claim for damages, a rebate or replacement of the product.

This warranty is void if your ROGUEDZN piece has been damaged by accident, negligence, unauthorized service or other factors not due to defects in material or workmanship. All warranties are voided if your piece has been worked on (e.g., sized, repaired, adjustments, ring modifications, engraving) by a party not duly authorized by ROGUEDZN.

Warranty Exclusions.

The warranty for your ROGUEDZN piece does not cover:

  • damages resulting from loss or theft, accidents, rough or improper handling, lack of care, normal wear and tear, or any damage caused willfully or by negligence;
  • any claim whatsoever for consequential damages from wearing a ROGUEDZN piece;
  • damages resulting from any servicing operation attempted or practiced on the piece by a party not duly authorized by ROGUEDZN.
  • In the event of any claim under the present warranty, please contact ROGUEDZN or your authorized ROGUEDZN retailer.