Material:Mil-Spec G5 Aerospace-Grade titanium, Solid titanium single curb chain
Processes:5-axis machined from billet block, 3-axis machined, Lathe operations, etching, Paint-fill
Finish:Zero hand finishing / Calculated tool-paths
DIMENSIONS:WIDTH:25mm(0.98"), HEIGHT:40.45mm(1.59"), THICKNESS:10mm(0.39")
Precision 3-axis machined with tolerances of less than 2 thousandth of an inch, the Rogue Blocker is a robust pendant composed of two pieces. Individually etched with a unique serial number, the rear piece is engraved with a post-process, paint-filled Rogue DZN logo, which upon construction penetrates through the front piece of the assembly. The monolithic and proportioned nature of the design speaks volumes in strength and stability. The Blocker has a suicide number of 15.
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