Product:Cuff links: SERIAL# 3/4
Material:Mil-Spec G5 Aerospace-Grade Titanium
Processes:5-axis machined from billet block, etching
Finish:Zero hand finishing / Calculated tool-paths
Dimensions:WIDTH: 30.278mm (1.19"), HEIGHT: 13.136mm (0.51"), THICKNESS: 6mm(0.23")
Each 10-part LINKAGE cuff-link assembly exudes a simple and brave mechanical beauty. 5-axis machined from the world's finest military-grade titanium, the intricate surfacing, sublime tool-paths and exposed proprietary bolts add a subtle but powerful accent to formal attire. This is the last of set of Linkage cuff-links in existence. Serial RDZN#002 is one of four sets of Linkage cuff links to ever be created, making it the rarest piece in the RogueDZN collection. This is the last Rogue Linkage to be offered for sale. The Linkage has a suicide number of 4.
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